2016: Our force awakens


 Ξ Channeling…


This year I’ve experienced something that confirmed what I felt was true about the spirit world. It was during a seminar with Kazuhisa Ogawa, a japanese shaman and Richa Cordebar his partner naturopath.  I came to learn ancient protective mantras and to continue to evolve by dealing with my emotionnal issues.

We were doing a group meditation and my body stiffened, I couldn’t control it anymore.

I was paralized and it took a while before people understood I was stuck, they thought I was meditating. I could just say « am stuck » in a very soft voice. I was really scared. At first I didn’t know what was going on. I thought I was doing it unconsciously. But then I started to realize it was something else. The shaman immediately performed an exorcism, the spirit was stubborn, he had to threatened it to free me.

In the beginning of the possession I screamed my anger and cried, it was great because it was a release, the spirit helped me to let go of personnal pain. After that I was speaking an unknown language with an old lady way of speaking. The all time I was aware of everything, I could feel my body, see and hear. My body was moving without my consent and I was trapped in it. She had a lot to say before « going into the light ».

Kaz_Richa.jpgKazuhisa Ogawa and Richa Cordebar

At the end I was like a physical disabled person. My muscle were stiff, contracted, it was hard for me to move and speak. It felt like a strong electric courant running in my body.

Some were scared after that, they wondered if it could happen to them. Nothing in life is random. I came with the intention to know myself better, the spirit wanted to be free, it was kind of a good deal. The shaman said: « It’s how a vocation starts ».

All the healers, shamans I’ve met had this experience too. When it’s controlled, it’s called channeling.

It’s like opening a door, you get to interact with beings of other dimensions. It’s different for everyone, some will feel cold when a ghost is around, or they feel they want to puke or they feel nothing. Ghosts are not good or bad, they are to be treated as humans. It’s like getting along with some people and others not.


For the record: I’ve worked for 11 years on my personnal development with healers, mediums, chiropractors, therapists, acupuncturists…

Personal development is like cleaning a garden of bad weeds, it’s hard and painful sometimes but it then you can plant your own seeds and create the life you want, avoid repeting the family’s traumas.

My sessions with energetic healers have developped my sensitivity to energy. It feels like little ants running inside like an electric courant when I’m in those sessions or when I relax. Maybe that’s why I could be in that state, it was like going at the psychic gym.. It seems to be different for everyone, some will have an amazing connexion from birth (the downside they have to know how to control it otherwise they are bothered all the time by spirits or visions), some will have this connexion later in life, small at first and then…

I was lucky to live this event well surrounded. All the people in the group stayed with me during and after the process, offering their support. Having a powerful japanese shaman who studied ancient secrets healing techniques all around Asia was a blessing.

Now I need to learn techniques to open and close the door, and select benevolent entities as guides. In shamanism it is said we all have animal guides. For others it can be angels or religious figures (Bouddha, Jesus, Quan Yin…).


There’s probably more people that we think who are able to see spirits or entities but they don’t talk about it because they are afraid.

They might be called crazy or laughed at. I always wondered why exorcisms were a common practice in 3rd world countries. My vietnamese family told me about those stories. We don’t hear about it in « developed » countries because possessed people are identified as mental and put in hospitals.

We lock up our messengers of the invisible:http://www.wakingtimes.com/2014/08/22/shaman-sees-mental-hospital/

Ξ The big secret

Why is it considered bogus and unreal by most people? Probably because we were cut off our intuition and 3rd eye for many centuries for the interests of some who want to control us. The media, politics, they ridicule the supernatural phenomenons so we stay in our little boxes.

Afficher l'image d'originehttp://www.mysticbanana.com/pineal-gland-our-third-eye-the-biggest-cover-up-in-human-history.html

« Witches » in the middle age were burned at the stake, because they were in connexion with nature, the source, spirits that gave them the answers for making healing potions. They were in fact healers middle wives who helped a lot of people but the church couldn’t take that. They had to control the people so they cut the connexion. This is how we have been controlled for centuries: loss of inner sense of self, guilt, fear. Religions have a lot of spiritual truths that originated from paganism, they also contain a lot of misinterpretations so that we do not evolve too much.


We are taught to not listen to our needs: work to please the boss, parents, god. Then we become narcissic parents  and we create co-dependent children (who will be narcissic as well):

So what to do?



Ξ Have you felt it?..

This strange sensation…Like time is accelerating, things you thought was established are changing. Each time you step out of your path, karma hits you harder and faster than before.


For some people, things are getting worse, they think the world is coming to an end and that is inevitable. They feel powerless, they think there’s nothing after death. Working 8 hours a day in a job they don’t like,  enjoying free time 1-3 weeks a year is completely normal, it has to be done so everyone can enjoy their meal. Life is made of duties, the only escape is buying new things and post pictures to get some attention.

We are in a narcissistic society. Not enough love makes us self centered, co-dependent, seeking approval to feel our value.

And when we face adversity, we think it’s other people’s fault, or that we are victims.

Afficher l'image d'origine
The first selfie…

We need to be centered but in a way we see that the power is in our hands, what’s happening to us is our responsability, our struggles are necessary to grow and they are not random. We chose to be in this human body to grow spiritually. In every story, the hero evolves only because he has to face his own darkness incarnated by the « vilain ».

Some start to see the world through another lens. They feel that there’s more to this life, that they must evolve to change their reality.

They know that the people they surround themselves with are the reflection of who they are.

There’s no obligation, the only duty is towards themselves, they know if they are happy, it will have a positive impact on others. They know that their intuition is the most powerful tool they have to know what’s best for them.

Ξ Compassion…

Real compassion is acknowledging others suffering without judging them or trying to save them.

Why? Because if you respect others’s people inner power, you know they have to make the step to get better, you can’t do it for them. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want you to. You’ll probably drown with them or realize that you want to save them because you recognize something you have to heal or because focusing on other people’s problem is a way of not facing your own. You have to trust them, send them love (by thoughts for example). Respect that they have to go through this so they can understand, like everyone else. And if they don’t in this life, it will be in the next.

Afficher l'image d'origine« Avatar: the last airbender » TV show

Testimonies of childs who remember their past life:  http://www.rd.com/health/conditions/chilling-reincarnation-stories/

The positive side of this is that we can make our own realityThoughts have a direct impact on matter.


Ξ We are Jedis…

Lot of people love « Star wars » and « Matrix ». Do you know why? Because it’s true, all of it.

ForceAwakens7Text« Star wars: the force awakens »

The difference is we are all potential Jedis or Neo.

Movies tend to show us that one hero saves all. Another propaganda to make us think we can’t do anything without a boss/parent/authority figure. One hero can inspire others but it’s up to us to change the world.

We are a small part of one, we are more powerful when we work together . We inspire and complete each other . We all have the ability to evolve, develop powers and live in harmony with our planet. Telekinesis, flight, telepathy, it will be a common thing.

Some are in the open like mediums, shamans, monks, ascended masters, they are bridges to the invisible world. Ghosts, demons, angels, aliens, spirits, they are probably different names for entities of other dimensions:


Ξ We are a colony…

I believe we are in the middle of a large federation, aliens probably created us :

They seemed to be divided at that time, some wanted to give us free will (Enki) and some of them wanted to use us (Enlil). In sumerian, Adam means « cattle ».

We were genetically engineered, a mix between their genes and an earth primitive ape.

The Gods we worshipped were just beings with more powers than us. Hence the cruaulty they displayed in legends, holy texts. A truly loving god would respect free will, and wouldn’t impose massacre of people who don’t agree with him.Could the missing link in human evolution be answered by the idea that extra-terrestrials genetically engineered the DNA from neanderthal man, combining it with their own DNA?http://www.enlightened-consciousness.com/a-look-into-the-origins-of-mankind-does-this-explain-evolutions-missing-link/#sthash.ggvkcKyo.dpuf

There’s proof all around the world, we all have the same legends but with different names. People are abducted everywhere and tell the same stories and it’s been undermined by the authorities because the truth would uncover the alliance between our governements and certain type of aliens.


Theory of the alien astronauthttp://socyberty.com/paranormal/best-evidence-for-the-ancient-astronaut-or-ancient-alien-theory/

Temple of Sethi in Abydos, Egypte

We are under diverses influences, some have interests to make us evolve (« angels » who respect free will, they will intervene only if we ask), some feed on us and control our governements through secrets societies. Yes we are a colony of ants. Take a herd of cow for example, we’ve been eating and using them for a long time. They have 5 senses like us so why don’t they rebel? Because they are less conscious than us. Imagine you’re in front of a being that is able to read your mind, change the weather, travel in the blink of an eye. Who’s the cow now?

But we are on the verge of a new era, it seems we’re getting strong radiations from the sun and it changes us, our dormant DNA is awakening. We are helped by powerful entities while others still fight to maintain us in this state of fear. Hence the false flag attacks, the elite is throwing its last cards, create fear to shorten the leash.

Afficher l'image d'origineBlue avian that Corey Goode encountered

The interviews of the whistleblower Corey Goode by David Wilcock give us eye opening intel on the Secret Space Program and the alien races on earth: http://www.spherebeingalliance.com/blog/transcript-cosmic-disclosure-first-encounter.html

Ξ We are one…

Afficher l'image d'origine

Some of us are already changing their ways, they create their own money, education, grow their own food. And it works better. Permaculture (plants are placed in an elaborate design to help each other grow) is four times more productive than industrial agriculture. It’s clean, produces organic food, doesn’t require machines or fertilizers.

We might live full alien disclosure in this life time but it’s up to us to be fully conscious and be able to see the world on a larger scale.

The solution is to do things ourselves, to realize that our power is in everyone of us and not in corporations or politics. We are educated to be competitive, divided, obedient. It’s time to be aware of our slave state and awake. Where I live, we are gathering through associations, to create projets (collective gardens, alternative education, hollistic medecine, spirituallity). People gather around a common humanist interest.

Our best weapon will be to boycott products bad for our health,  be autonomous and develop our local economy. Reconnect with ourselves and with each other.

On the personal level we need to deprogram from our conditionning and do what is good for us.  

« Be the change you want to see in the world. » Gandhi


If you want to contact Kazuhisa Ogawa and Richa Cordebar here are the infos:

Mail: pascalecordebar@yahoo.fr


L’article en français est disponible ici: http://wp.me/p5Ruyc-n9


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    • Thanks a lot Naomi! I hope people who experience this kind of event will know it’s all right and they can find guides/teachers to help them use their abilities.


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